Make swimming lessons available for everyone at a cheaper rate

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Children drowning is an issue that is very important within the community. It is an issue that may not be a completely eliminated however it can be severely reduced. Child drownings is important to me as swimming was such a large part of my child hood and participating in swimming lessons was an important aspect of my upbringing. Nowadays I feel like swimming lessons are not thought to be as serious or necessary within a child’s upbringing.
Swimming lessons can help to prevent or reduce the risk of drowning. With the help of local governments and schools hopefully child drownings can be prevented.
According to Life saving Victoria ‘on average, four Victorian children die due to drowning each year’ and ’20 hospital admissions… due to a drowning incident’.
These statistics need to be reduced immediately as no one needs to experience a family member or someone they know drown.

If swimming lessons are made to be cheaper, it will help to ensure that everyone will be able to be taught how to swim properly and how to act when you are caught in difficult situations. 

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