14 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ltimbi Bekosh

The Rendille are a group of Ethnic pastoral nomads who inhabit a large area of the arid north of Kenya, east of the Ndoto Mountains and Lake Turkana and mainly to the west of Marsabit. They mostly raise camels and smallstock. Keeping cattle is risky in the harsh conditions which prevail here.They speak Rendille, which is very close to Somali but is spoken more slowly. Many Rendille also speak Samburu (the tribe neighboring them to the ...

People ID: 14543

Population all Countries: 150,000-180,000

Total Countries: 1

Since I, the petioner was born by a rendille parents I entagled with the norm of rendille men and women both young and old being butchered by unknown bandits from nearby communities, while growing I considered this as a normal conflict that should be expected that use to happen between bordering comunities anyway. However, the pains and hatred is tremendously clinching into my nerves after meeting with cold blood flow right at my doorsteps. 

The most recent is when the bandits confertably enter into a Kambinye village killed an old man sleeping in his hut, then as if to confirm this in the following day kill some three more at same spot right in the present of goverment security team.

The norm, that they have killed so and so now turning to be a weekly dose. How long will my heart stand this?...I guess until when it is my turn get hold with this bandits. However as my turn is catching up and following right with recent remarks by president William Ruto threatening to deal with bandits ruthlessly, I here by petition and raise the claim that Life of rendille is equally important just like other kenyans and expect an immediate responses from each one of them on the recent attacks in Kambinye , Kargi location. Show cause why they are failing to protect the right of life of some Kenyans as per the roles given to them by our this regard the right of a life of a rendille people.

Therefore I petition the following;

  1. The Cabinet secretary for interior and coordination of national goverment and citizen services prof Benard Kindiki.
  2. The Kenya police servirce
  3. The Governor of Marsabit county H.E mohamud Ali a.k.a Abshiro
  4. The county commissioner Marsabit county
  5. The county Senator Hon chute
  6. The member of parliament laisamis constituency, Hon Lekuton
  7. All county assembly ward members of laisamis constituency
  8. All Borana people and their leaders
  9. All Gabra people and their leaders




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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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