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My sister Lisa was dismembered while in her third trimester of pregnancy by her husband, Ernest Jack Chappelle in 1987. Time passed does not take away anything from what he has done. He is coming up for parole and I would like to see him serve the LIFE sentence he was given for murdering them both. It only takes $3.51 per day to monitor someone on a paroled status in Texas but to keep them in prision it cost $50.00 plus per day. I do not think that money or lack of space should dictate the release of a heinious murderer. This was not an act of passion but a brutal intentional killing of two innocent lives that would have made a great contribution to our community and the lives they would have touched. Ernest on the other hand will re-offend because that kind of evil just does not go away inside a man just because he has spent 24 years behind bars. I don't want other mothers, sisters, brothers and the the list goes on to be wondering if their family is safe if someone like Ernest is released into general population, OUR WORLD. Our justice system was founded on a steady dose of common sense and fairness and needs to be responsible to hold fast to the original decision that Ernest should spend the rest of his life in prision and protect us all from his kind of ugly. If he is realeased, it is a direct personal insult to the lawmwn that worked so diligently to put him behind bars and keep our communities safe. If they let him out why should the police even bother with trying to catch them? My family constantly worries about the retaliation that he is capable of meeting out since we all played a roll in seeing him incarcerated. Please know Lisa deserves to know the family she left behind is safe from the suffering she experienced for hours and hours.

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