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Fire Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh

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Jamie Schuh, a manager at the company, snapped a photograph of Lindsey Stone making a rude gesture at a sign beside the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. Ms. Stone then posted the inappropriate picture on her Facebook page. The women were visiting the cemetery on a trip sponsored by the company they work for. The company issued a statement distancing themselves from the incident, saying that, "It has come to our attention that a member of LIFE staff has posted a photo on a personal facebook page that has upset others. This photo in no way reflects the opinions of LIFE staff members and/or anyone affiliated with our organization."

This pseudo-apology is disingenuous at best; the photo was taken BY one of their staff and is a photo OF another member of their staff. As such, it certainly DOES "reflect(s) the opinions [at least two] staff members . . . ."

This photo has gone viral and generated outrage among veterans, their families, and thousands of other concerned citizens who see this photo as what it is - the desecration of ground hallowed by those who gave their lives and by those who served their country to protect these individuals' rights to exercise poor judgment.

Furthermore, my father, a decorated WWII and Korean War veteran, was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, and I am outraged by this blatant show of disrespect. I am further outraged by Ms. Stone's subsequent incredulous statements that she "meant no disrespect" when this is such a blatant act of disrespect!

The company's pseudo-apology is insufficient to assuage my outrage as both a veteran and the daughter of a WWII veteran, and I'm sure thousands of other veterans and their families. This company works with people with disabilities to provide independent living for them; how can they continue to trust such a vulnerable population to the likes of such a manager and employee who obviously have difficulty exercising good judgment?

Both women should be fired from the company as they were, in fact, representing the company on this company sponsored trip. It is the only form of apology that sufficiently addresses the outrage and concern this behavior engenders.

LIFE - hold these women personally accountable by severing ties with them. Stand up as a company by showing the nation that such behavior by employees while engaged in company pursuits is unacceptable.

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