Life is too Precious, Reconsider Extreme Sports

Life is too Precious, Reconsider Extreme Sports

March 31, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hyori Croft

Dear thrill seekers, 

 This is an amazing opportunity for me to propose the severe consequences that are led by extreme sports. What we may have not known is that we go through “extreme” almost everyday. We go across the traffic, not knowing a car might bump into you. Or, sometimes when we ride a car or a bus, we also can never predict whether we might have a car accident or not! Like this, we go through these “extremes” everyday. However, extreme sports athletes go through a lot more harsh, dangerous, and “extreme” extreme sports. 

 Dean Potter once stated, “My vision turns black and white except for the searing red line. Sounds fade. I feel faint, face flushed with heat. My muscles tense, but I hold calmness in my centre and loosen my arms from the shoulders to my fingertips” Is this what it feels like to be in a painful moment? Yes, the feeling of darkness, uncontrollable and unstoppable. But, even hearing this makes me shiver, the fact is that some people push themselves as their body tells them to stop, and come to a halt, or to go back. This is putting immense pressure on your body, and so, will it really help your body keep stable and healthy? And, is it really necessary for you to continuously harm your body?  And for I care about this world and the living. I declare, we must come to a halt, we must stop extreme sports players from playing these dangers for unnecessary fun! 

And now I will be initiating by proposing why extreme sports are dangerous because of the following: they can cause cardiac arrest and also it causes addiction! In extreme sports, they are called “extreme” sports because they are full of dangers awaiting them. And having death come by our lives day by day, upon our dreams, comes to reality. And we feel miserable, but before you can even feel the emotion craving up your body, it’s dead, out of sight, out of breath, and the darkness blocks your way through everything. Who would want that? Just because of a dream that leads to a sudden darkness of loneliness. And that’s what we will experience, and other various athletes will experience one day, if we do stop, we can at least live a life one more day. So, we must stop. We should abolish these beastful sports that can effectively lead to death and severe injuries.

 Even Sarah Burke, an extreme sport athlete, died from cardiac arrest as abc news stated. So, I’ve been curious, can extreme sports cause cardiac arrest? A cardiac arrest has a high possibility of dying because of a sudden heart attack. For instance, there are two types of cardiac attack, one is ventricular tachycardia or in other words arrhythmia, and the other is ventricular fibrillation. 

 Ventricular tachycardia, this is one type of cardiac arrest, causing the heart to beat much faster than they should be, or simply having an abnormal heartbeat. However, having a fast heart rate can lead to a sudden stop of the heart, for the heart is restlessly thumping. For instance, this happens when you run for hours along the track, your sweat pours down your face, but you still run, and you come to a sudden stop, where you just can’t go on anymore. Then you feel that big thump, every second, and that’s when you know your heart is beating restlessly, or in other words beating with more strong impacts. This all shows how a single sport can cause severe injuries or death. 

 Another type of cardiac arrest is ventricular fibrillation, this cardiac arrest causes the heart to have a sudden stop. And this is the type that Sarah Burke went through, and these heart diseases are sometimes caused by extreme sports, as they play extremely energetic sports! These incidents all show and prove that extreme sports could lead to heart failures, and these heart cases happen while athletes are participating in a sport. These sudden heart attacks come while playing an extreme sport, for it can cause immense pressure on your heart and body.

  Although having an abnormal heartbeat can sound quite frightening, the fact is that there are a lot more awaiting for you caused by these stunning sports that will make your blood run cold. So to begin with my second reason, what’s adrenaline junkies? This word may sound unusual, this is actually a drug that can make people feel strong, and have those craving feelings to go climbing. This drug, Adrenaline Junkies, can quite have some similarities with gambling. Gambling, is one of those games where you bet your money, and this could lead to severe addiction or loss of money. As has claimed, the symptoms you would feel or do are the followings: 

-Craving feeling to go climbing
-Decreased interest in indoor activities
-Negative emotions including frustration and restlessness

 These symptoms are all scientifically proven, and if this addiction goes worse, it can cause suicidal thoughts!! This makes me feel like even when people have their success, does not typically mean that you are all aware of the drawbacks. 

 Some critics argue that it’s their dream, and that we are stopping them from their way of happiness! Just imagine, how it would feel like when your dream is to be an extreme sports athlete, but your parents are forcing you to do something else rather than extreme sports. It’s true, when someone is forced to do something that they do not want to do, it feels like you are controlled! However, we do not. We care about people’s lives, and that’s why I am here to lower the possibility of risks. There are a lot more fun things we can dream, but these dreams are basically going through the death zone. And these dreams can cause severe injuries!! Or sometimes leading the way to loneliness. During the same period, 955 deaths were taken by these extreme sports! And approximately 88% were males. And furthermore, parents’ will experience depression and concerns. Try considering your parent or your child showing action towards a treacherous situation. Wouldn’t you feel like he or she would get injured? Your legs shake, and your body just burns up because of those concerns visualizing on your head. These kinds of actions can also affect other life, such as people who you are close in touch with. So, will you follow your heart, meaning your passion, or will you follow others suggestions, meaning, will you keep others from concern free.

We live in a world full of hazardous awaiting us. People die, the darkness blocks the sight, the air frightens to go into the two black holes, heart stops, closing eyes, blurs and a sudden darkness. Such as, death. However, experiencing those risks of hazardous on purpose does not necessarily have to be done and because of a single curiosity or dream, it can lead to a severe consequence leading to another world of darkness and loneliness. And so, we must come to a halt, and stop participating in extreme sports!! Having these beastful sports come upon us purposely. Do we really need them? Putting all the things down, your death, family, and friends to name a few. Is it really a need? 


Kind regards, 

Katie Croft

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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