Life Changing Climate Change Resolution

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One Footprint at a Time...

The earth is taking a turn for the worse and all of us citizens of this beautiful planet need to help. No matter where you stand on climate change we can all agree we need to protect what we have by reducing our carbon.

We are a group of students called The Cool Earth Society who are creating a better environment one footprint at a time.

We have created a resolution that we hope you will sign as a pledge to show your commitment to the earth for future generations:

We, the citizens of this planet, promise to seek out ways to halt the damage to our atmosphere and climate change. We will use ways to reduce our carbon-footprint and use more natural resources instead of using carbon or burned oil products. We will recycle what is recyclable, reuse what is reusable, and reduce as much as we can to save the rainforest. We will tell others about our ideas to promote more fighters against climate change . If we can reduce more carbon products it can be better for our air and oxygen.

Please spread the news and make sure we get as many people as we can get to make a change for the better. Turning off lights is a big help for our carbon footprint. Turning off faucets when you brush your teeth, and reducing shower times can help. Cut out meat once a week, eat more greens. Little things like these can help minimize your carbon footprint.  But is it enough? It is a start! We need everyone to join in and make these changes to expand to neighborhoods and then to towns, cities, counties, states, and countries!

We were fine until the Industrial Revolution. Coal was a cheap energy source. The demand for coal rose more and more industry needed coal to run. We need to end this cycle of burning fuels and stop releasing carbon into the atmosphere.  In 1750, our atmospheric carbon was at 279 ppm, by 1998 our carbon levels rose to 350 ppm, and most recently, NOAA announced that our current carbon level is 414.7 ppm. This increase is unacceptable. 

We are writing this resolution to draw attention to the urgency of this problem and get this community on board and make some real life changing action and have a positive impact on our Earth.

Locally, we need more receptacles that promote recycling to reduce the amount of material being burned and going into landfills. We need to bring our own bags to the grocery store and stop using plastic.  We need to get our fast food restaurants to stop using polystyrene and find alternative packaging that is biodegradable and reduce all unnecessary waste!

It takes a village, but it starts with you!

There is no Planet B.

~Written by the students of The Cool Earth Society~