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Please Order To Stop Feeding Pigeons, Pigeons Are Carriers Of Many Diseases

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Re: Removal Of Encroachment Of Grain Sellers Feeding Pigeons From The Triangle In The Confluence Of CR Park, GK Enclave-1 & Nehru Apartments

  •     We the residents of CR Park and neighbouring colonies have been trying for long to seek  help in converting the pigeon triangle on the confluence of 3 colonies namely CR Park, Nehru Apartments and GK Enclave-1 into a Green Triangle as part of the current drive of SDMC to beautify vacant areas below the flyover and at intersections.
  •          It is very surprising to note that concerned authorities, are extremely concerned about the livelihood of the 3 grain sellers illegally encroaching and sitting on the triangle.
  •          It seems that the authorities are more concerned about them rather than the critical health hazards that residents face today, due to the severe infestation of pigeons in the area!
  •  ·        Inspite of our repeated reminders and requests to alter that area for the benefit of the residents of CR Park, Nehru Enclave and GK Enclave, there has been NO MOVEMENT from the authorities.
  •          The situation is so serious, that residents are now considering selling their houses and moving away from that area. The pigeons are spoiling ACs , varendahs, choking drains apart from nesting and laying eggs in all possible nooks of our houses.
  •      Is it not in the interest of our Government to care about the repercussions of such severe bird infestation on the residents' health and property  !
  • Traffic snarls on this road is a regular feature due to this encroached triangle feeding pigeons.
  • Pigeon meat selling is also very rampant in these triangles although carried out stealthily !!
  •      So, we citizens have taken up the cudgels and hereby reach to you to resolve this issue. 
  •         Alongwith the SDMC BEAUTIFICATION DRIVE cleaning up spaces under flyovers, this Triangle can also be similarly beautified as the earliest possible.
  •          Any OTHER MEASURE to beautify the Triangle is also welcome.
  •        Please take up this serious cause and resolve this issue asap !!

From The Aggrieved Residents of CR Park, GK1 & 2, GK Enclave-1 & 2, Nehru Apartments, Hemkunt Colony, Pamposh Enclave and Neighbouring Colonies.

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