Disinfectant, protective clothing and better working conditions for Lieferando riders!

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Disinfectant, protective clothing and better working conditions for Lieferando riders!

In spite of the corona crisis Lieferando forces thousands of their riders to work. The riders are working 7 days a week from noon to evening with no disinfectants, no protective clothing and without a decent salary!

Dirty equipment can´t be cleaned because of a lack in cleaning products. Instead of using the company owned e-bikes, Lieferando asked the riders to use their own bikes. All the work contracts are fixed-term without a reason. Labour unionist are not allowed to enter the facilities. The riders who are fighting against these precarious working conditions have to fear their contracts won’t be extended. To make matters worse. Lieferando is fighting openly against the elected works council. A works council is the only protection against injustices within the company. Even more so, considering the current crisis.

I was a rider at foodora and deliveroo and I was elected chairman of the works council at deliveroo until deliveroo smashed the council.

Back then I started the campaign „Liefern am Limit“ together with many other riders and with the support of the Labour Union „Nahrung, Genuss, Gaststätten“ to this day we keep fighting for improved working conditions at the delivery services. Currently, Lieferando is the only food delivery service in Germany.

With this petition we demand: 

  1. Disinfectants for all the riders. Lieferando is knowingly taking a risk for the riders and by doing so also risking the customers health. That is grossly negligent!
  2. Protective clothing for the riders and new clean equipment sent regularly.
  3. More thermo bags for the riders or else the food will cool down.
  4. Recruitment of more riders. Due to the shortage in manpower, the food is sitting around for too long before delivery so it cools down to under 65 Celsius which is a violation against the food hygiene regulation.
  5. A decent reimbursement of cost for the riders. They are using their own mobile phones and internet for Lieferando and the salary is too little for taking care of the costs.

Dear management of Lieferando face your responsibility to your staff. Protect your employees and your customers. We are not cheap workers for you to waste.

Stop fighting the works council! The riders are risking their health for you. The least you can do is to let them be a part of decision making processes.