Brave, courageous and passionate LIDL employee should keep his position.

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I’m sure you’ve all recently seen at a Lidl store in Chaddesden (video: there was a thief trying and partly succeeding in stealing various goods of meat.

The thief was seen wandering around the shop floor like a normal customer only to actually trying to sneak meat into his rucksack. When the alarm went off at the exit as the thief walked past, he was told to stop, he did not, he simply ran outside onto his bike. The employee is incredibly passionate about his job and was brave and courageous enough to go and confront the thief. Not before only to find himself chasing him. The employee managed to grab the LEG OF LAMB (not pork) and hit him to try to get him off the bike and retrieve the goods.

I know him and I can say that everyone I have spoken to at the store since the incident has been positive of the situation, saying of what a good hearted person he is. People have asked for him to be recognised for what he has done. To get the courage and bravery to go out and persoanlly defend the store; to be passionate about his job and wanting to do something about the situation says A lot about him.

I've started this petition because Myself and many other people know what he has done is not wrong. Defending a store from theft is incredibly brave of him and he needs recognition for it, he doesn’t need dishonour. I hope many of you that have seen the video feel the same way about this situation and hoping you will sign this petition in hopes that Lidl themselves realise that this man is incredibly passionate about his job; thus in return letting him keep his position at the company; this man will go to the end to make it work.

after all; if someone was this passionate about working for your company, you’d want that sort of positivity in your environment.

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