Standard Care Changes for Surgeons and Hospitals

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I am a victim of surgery gone wrong!  I was operated on by resident surgeons with 1,2 and  a 3 year experience and my surgeons did not tell me!  I did sign a release and I disagree that 3 newbie resident surgeons are allowed to handle a complex surgery.   At most one resident!   However 4 resident surgeons are allowed to operate on you and the patient is unaware as you are knocked out cold by anesthesia.   My primary surgeons lied the entire time leaving me in horrific condition and disabled by terrible pain caused by non standard care !  I was a lab rat for resident surgeons and not just once but twice a victim of a horrific outcome that almost killed me!   Read the story please.  Standard Care is so important.    My surgeons kept me miserable and never revealing the dirty secrets!   I had to fight every step and knew that I was dying !   Please read!   So many victims of botched surgeries and patients unaware that surgeons are employing residents to operate on you!    

It's been one hellacious fight these past 27 months. Debilitating pain after a bilateral masectomy that left me disabled. A host of other conditions coming forward and a reward - a new autoimmune disorder thanks to my first surgeon who didn't care to removing the poison alloderm/capsule lining from my chest back in March 2016. He didn't even bother sewing my pectoral muscles down and left an ongoing Seroma that he denied was there! I knew about my Seroma as I printed a report 2 days prior to seeing this doctor. The report he handed me showed none. I was released by this doctor in horrible condition as he affirmed on two occasions that everything in my chest was out. The same doctor that talked me into breast reconstruction after mastectomy and told me I would be like brand new. Get back what cancer took away! He made it sound as if it wasn't a big deal and I am the perfect candidate. I would be back at work within 6-8 weeks fit as a fiddle and that the expanders would be filled gradually until we reach the required size. So I fought back and said "Hell Yes". Cancer will never win and I agreed to reconstruction. My surgery - I was the last patient in. It was after 4pm. I had no idea that I would have 3 students take turns operating on me! The procedure done in a hurry as the doctors had other engagements I'm assuming going as fast as possible! Cutting my pectoral muscles and nerves and then I find out that I never had clean margins ! I still had cancer and-this surgeon didn't wait for pathology to come back to ensure I had clean margins! Imagine my surprise when I was told by my general surgeon that it was messy in there. Of course! It was cancer. Why didn't you wait for pathology and clean the margins and cut out all the cancer! Immediately I was told you need to get into chemo right away. I was suffering from excruciating pain and doctors claimed they didn't know why. I asked to have expanders removed however told "you need chemo ASAP". There is no time to remove expanders and heal. While going through chemo and 36 rounds of radiation hell, the pain never weaned. I was in palliative care having to take pain medication and told that's all we can do. There is no cure. On 3-1-16 after finishing chemo,the expanders were removed. I questioned the doctor and asked him on 2 occasions if the alloderm was taken too. Alloderm is derived from cadaver. It is used in breast reconstruction and works like a hammock keeping implants in place. My expander sat under the pectoral muscle that was cauterized to lift them up to place the temporary expanders. The doctor told me all is gone. Everything has been removed. However the pain was still the same. How could this be? Something is wrong. My doctor didn't fix my ongoing Seroma which had to be aspirated continually. The pain Insane. This is not normal! My plastic surgeon released me shortly after and told me that there is nothing left to do. I begged and pleaded! Please help me. This pain is killing me. He sent me away and I cried for two days asking myself is this my new life. A chronic pain sufferer for which there is no cure. My general surgeon would aspirate the Seroma and remove the pressure. I would have less pain but it always returned. My general surgeon also refusing to investigate what was going on inside my chest. He told me I was not a candidate for surgery as I could end up in more pain! For 14 months I searched for a doctor to help me. Over 30 doctors later and all said no! These doctors from well known hospitals! I've exhausted my search. I posted my case on a website where doctors interact with new patients. It was my last hope. I received a phone call from a doctor located 3 hours away and he reassured me that he wouldn't make me any worse than I already am. On 8/31/17 the surgery took place in Boca Raton, FL. I had to stay there in a hotel for close to a week and the surgery planned was 1.5 hours. Well the surgery was over 4 hours! This new doctor saw the horrible remnants left behind by my first surgeon. The alloderm still there! I was told was removed! It was 8.5 cm x 3 cm x 3 mm thick and sat there in my chest all shriveled up like paper! He excised the Seroma and then discovered that both chest areas contained a capsule lining from the expanders that were removed. The capsule lining was never removed and is caused by your immune system creating a lining around the capsule; a sign of the immune system fighting these foreign expanders that were placed. I also had the ongoing Seroma removed which the first surgeon completely ignored! My new doctor saw that the 1st surgeon never bothered sewing my pectoral muscles back down after he removed expanders 15 months earlier! Recovery has been slow. I was for over 27 months being poisoned by the alloderm and Seroma along with capsule lining left behind. My first doctor apparently had other priorities and since I was a failed reconstruction he hurried his way through the procedure. He knew also that I would not be able to find another surgeon to help and discover this grotesque infection that was festering in my chest. All because of negligence! My new plastic surgeon was so kind. He told me what he found inside my chest and I couldn't believe it. Why do this to a woman that endured horrific pain and my 1st surgeon ignored all of it. He didn't fix me. He almost killed me over a 14 month search looking for a plastic surgeon and god sent me one. I was miserable feeling extremely weak every day. I could barely muster anything instead of getting better after my 1st surgeon claimed everything was removed, I was literally dying! My family knew this and didn't want to tell me I was worse. I knew I was and I also knew I was dying slowly. My new surgeon found these grotesque negligence by a doctor who had no regard for my life! It's now 12 weeks post surgery. I'm not nauseas as I was. The pain is still there however the continued burning sensation is less. My left arm and chest still suffering from lymphedema and my range of motion compromised. I'm in physical and lymphedema treatment. It's exhausting. I hope as the time goes by, i can reclaim myself to a new Lidia living in pain far less than the hell I had to endure due to a doctor's negligence. All of them like a pack of wolves; especially surgeons banning together and keeping their mouth shut! Not one doctor after an MRI after many months of expanders being removed didn't see or mention the alloderm left behind! They did notice a Seroma. They were also in such a hurry that the alloderm monster was over sighted! How could these doctors live with themselves? Leaving me in a condition that totally threatened my own life living in such misery. You have to fight like hell and be your own advocate! You have to never give up and continue to move on and look for a doctor to help you. No one at this hospital offered anything! They just told me I cannot be cured! My second surgeon surely saved me from a slow dying death. For that I'm forever grateful. He is an amazing doctor along with his staff. I am still struggling with pain. A deep pain and tightness across my chest that never escapes. However pain medication working more effectively. The Seroma, alloderm all removed and my pectoral muscles sewn down again. This doctor I owe him big time for saving me from certain death. I will remember him forever. And his staff if you need his name ,please message me. I will fight every day to getting out of pain. However have acquired so many other conditions auto immune related and still have chronic nerve pain that takes me down along with bone pain all over my body. I will fight hard. I want me back so bad.