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Give Lichfield the chicken it deserves! Stop this caffeine craziness before it's too late.

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In the plans for the regeneration of the site previously occupied by the Norgren factory, the people of Lichfield were promised a KFC, much to the delight of young and old. Those of us who have had cravings for that 'Finger-lickin' good' chicken have been forced to travel 15 minutes each way to reach it. or for over an hour for the young people of Lichfield who had no alternative but to catch the bus. However now these plans have been changed to instead include yet another Costa Coffee for Lichfield, resulting in a total of 3 of the stores within just 1.2 miles of each other!

While we have the benefit of 2 McDonalds restaurants in the city (one of which is impossible to reach except by car), it is well proven that KFC is more popular than McDonalds. In fact a recent survey by The Student Room found that, second only to Subway, KFC is the favourite fast food restaurant of students and young people, easily beating McDonalds and Burger King due to it's fresher and more filling food. The KFC will also be a suitable place for many people, especially those who are looking for fast food restaurant work but live outside of the town centre, to work. This is something that Costa, with it's specific Barista skills and requirements, won't be able to offer to the community.

Not only will a lack of a KFC affect the many chicken lovers within the city, but it will also negatively impact on the currently successful chains of Costa Coffee which have been in Lichfield for years. Lichfield is known for it's many coffee shops, and it is already the home of 2 branches of the store within a 0.2 mile radius, both in the town centre and in the nearby Tesco' superstore. That's a 4 minute walk between the 2 stores. Opening yet another location is going to have a very negative effect on these two stores and drive trade away from them to the new location. Isn't the council's current focus on bringing trade and customer's into the Town Centre, not away from it.

Surely, after seeing the positive reaction to the original plans and the excitement that the news caused, it is wrong to then change the plans. Breaking promises is not something that we want our council to condone, so join me in fighting against the coffee in favour of our constant chicken cravings. 

After all; 'It's finger-lickin' good!' 

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