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Demand Liberty Victoria Take Back Gillian Triggs' Voltaire Award

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Giving the Voltaire award to Gillian Triggs is an act of evil genius that completely deforms the meaning of the French philosopher’s most famous edict. This announcement by Liberty Victoria actually rewards Triggs for the way she has used the power of the state to quash free speech.

Voltaire’s sentiment was: “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Triggs has used the full force of the law and her Australian Human Rights Commission bureaucracy to silence and intimidate those who express views she and her cohort find unpalatable. Surely Voltaire would not fight to the death to see his most famous principle disfigured in this way.

This is the ultimate sellout of the human rights crowd. Triggs is lauded not for adhering to their lofty principles but for being on the right side of their partisan political debates. Look at her record: she delayed an inquiry into children in detention for 18 months for political reasons; pursued three university students for years over innocuous Facebook posts; allowed the commission to spruik for complaints that were then taken up against cartoonist Bill Leak; and has repeatedly misled and been forced to correct her evidence to various parliamentary inquiries.

This is what Leak meant last year when he said the satirical work of a cartoonist — usually done by exaggerating a serious issue “to the point of absurdity” — was becoming increasingly difficult. “The trick doesn’t work in these strange times when the more ridiculous an issue is, the more seriously it’s taken,” he said. “And if you’re starting at the point of absurdity, where do you go from there?”

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