Hunting, and bowhunting in particular, is extremely cruel and unnecessary and it's not something a university who has the power to influence young people should be supporting.

Letter to
University Liberty University
Camp Hydaway
Dear Liberty,
I just became aware that your school supports bowhunting. Hunting, and bowhunting in particular, is extremely cruel and not something that as a school you should be supporting. According to the Minnesota
Department of Natural Resources (DNR) 14,744 deer were killed in 2002 by bowhunters and since hunting with a bow is less accurate, these animals endured prolonged suffering before they collapsed and died. Most crippled animals who do not die do not recover from their arrow wounds; rather, they routinely contract peritonitis or a septic infection dying slow agonizing deaths. Not only is bowhunting cruel, it's very wasteful. Studies indicate that over half of the deer shot and killed by bowhunters are never recovered. Please, stop supporting such a cruel and wasteful activity. Stop supporting bowhunting and remove it from your website.
Thank you.

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