Liberty University should credit students for the decrease in quality

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Given the fact that students currently have the option to continue to live on campus or go home, a refund from Liberty University may be avoided.  Students returning home may be seen as choosing to give up the housing and dining that they paid for following spring break. 

We the student body, at home and on campus, recognize that with this transition with online courses and campus living, the quality of the education and student life we paid for is decreasing.  Professors are choosing to teach through various online methods which may not be as beneficial to students as the in-person classes previously offered.  Some dining options on campus are no longer open and the ones that are, do not permit students to eat in the seating areas.  Most campus events have been canceled aside from the convocations which will be offered online.  Students paid money to play intramural sports which have yet to be refunded.  The option to continue to reside on campus is of a significantly lesser quality following changes caused by the coronavirus. 

We propose, that the student body should receive credit toward our fall semester to make up for the decrease in the quality that we are seeing with the changes that have been made.  Students not returning in the fall should receive a partial refund since they would not benefit from the credit.  It will be more difficult for students to pay for the 2020-2021 school year because of the job loss and financial instability caused by the impact of the coronavirus on businesses, and Liberty may potentially see a decrease in returning students as a result.  Considering the decrease in quality and the financial position student's families are being put in; we ask that Liberty University would seriously consider a credit or refund knowing that the choice they make now will impact the future for the students and school alike.  

Please sign this petition to encourage Liberty to provide financial support to its students for the loss of quality in education and student life in order to improve the financial positions of their students and make the return to school more financially feasible. 

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