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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company: Stop denying claims to those who rightfully deserve benefits

I have recently come into contact with many individuals who have been denied disability, automobile and homeowner claims in which they pay for to protect them in case something was to happen which left them in need. Being a nurse I have seen time and time again this happen, well this time it happened to me. I am awaiting surgery next week and Liberty Mutual Disability Claims has denied my claim and left me without compensation and I have not been able to work since September 6th, 2012. I have the denial letter which makes false assumptions and a biased decision was made because Liberty Mutual, like other large companies make descions soley to reduce payout to increase profits. I have contacted attorneys and plan to file a civil suit to bring thie cause to light. Since bringing awareness onto Facebook and sharing some of my story, others have reached out to me, with the interest in pursuing this as well.

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