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Liberty Media to keep the current Formula One logo.

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Liberty Media have copyrighted three new potential logos for one of the world's biggest sports. All three are extremely basic and Lok to have been made on a free logo creator mobile app. We, the fans of Formula One, only want one thing here. For Liberty Media to continue the use of the internationally recognised and iconic Formula One logo.

Let me start by talking about the current Formula One logo and the sports recent history. The 2010 season alone was watched by an estimated 527 million people. A sum which has no doubt risen in recent years including during Liberty Media's take over of the organisation. The (current) logo itself has become one of the most recognised sporting logos on the planet due  to the clever design which incorporates some beautiful symbolism and subliminal messages. The colours alone, black and red, provide something very important and represent how we, the fans see the sport. The colour red represents passion and energy while black shows power and determination. Let's highlight the fact that the proposed logos are plai, boring and basic in just black.

The current logo also recognises the sports speed. The '1' in the current logo has been given a sense of speed with the movement and blur in the design. F1 should always represent speed as we are the pinnacle of speed in motorsports and the world. None of this single line nonsense can replace or represent this sufficiently.

Finally, the current logo is aesthetically pleasing and is not out of date at all so we don't see any reason for a replacement. Liberty Media need to learn that if something isn't broken, then don't fix it. Those new copyrighted designs are boring, simple, basic and childish. F1 is a well respected sport, not a laughing stock which I fear it may become with Liberty's propositions.

This is why we want Formula One to continue to use the current logo opposed to those recently copyrighted by Liberty Media.

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