Replace the F1 management by Rabbit

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As the current management of Formula One is not just disinterested in the history and unique appeal of this series:

further adding circuits in locations unsuited for it, or trying to have a pet project race in an american city, instead of maintaining good relations with the historic, fan favourite tracks.

pushing for further restrictions and standardization instead of freeing up the engineering competition that sets this series apart from other open wheel racing, and has created outstanding, diverse cars throughout its past.

pushing performance reducing measures and artificially deteriorating parts for the sake of the "show" instead of letting it be the pinnacle of motorsports, multiple times better in power, grip, speed and everything relevant than any road car, as it used to be in prior decades.

but seems to lack focus and clarity of vision overall;

The three executives should be replaced with a singular leader, Robert Pitts, also known as Rabbit, who shares a background in car trading with former executive Ecclestone, can withstand the pressures of political correctness without giving in and deals well with unusual situations.