Liberty Books: Stop displaying offensive literature!!!

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I would like to bring something important to your kind attention. A few months back, we saw a book on a story of two lesbians, on your shops main entrance display. Many people had raised their voice and had requested your management to take the book off the display.

Today, we saw another book on Gay Icons on your main display. This is alarming and something of great concern.

I don’t want to get into a futile argument over tolerance and rights of LGBT etc. One thing which is not even debatable is how Allaah SWT destroyed the entire nation of Prophet Lut (alaihissalam) because of their similar actions.

Promoting this kind of lifestyle is totally unacceptable in our religion and in an Islamic country. We can’t go against Allaah’s commandments. I sincerely hope you understand the severity of the matter.

You are requested to be careful in this case. Please take this book off your shelves immediately. We hope not to see these kind of books in your stores in the future.

Jazak Allaahu Khayrun