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Petitioning dean of students liberty benton wake up!!!!!

Liberty Benton School Board Findlay Ohio: Mandatory lockdown and visual and audio survelience in schools

We want to keep our children safe from lunatics out there and if we keep ALL school doors locked at all times then that lessens the risk as well as having video and audio survelience for everyone entering the school. Metal detectors need to be in place and everybody should have to walk through it. Our children are the most important and their safety is the upmost importance. Please sign this petition and lets keep our children safe, in honor of the souls that lost their lives across the country due to senseless killings of innocent children and adults.

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dean of students liberty benton wake up!!!!!
what's it going to take for you people to open your freaking eyes? 3-7 bullets in each one of our 1st graders? I don't think so!!! you people need to open your eyes and keep our children safe. who cares if parents want to check in our children during the day.....that's our God given right...but you not locking ALL the doors at all times is just pure stupidity.

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