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Merge as one third party to give voice to the Liberty movement.

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The two party system has failed the American people. Both parties have blamed each other, but the reality is that both have participated in the destruction of our economy and our culture. They both have deliberately abandoned our Constitution and have pushed polices that have eviscerated our Bill of Rights.
In order to save the country from endless wars, adding trillions of dollars more onto the deficit and the new police state both parties are building, the Constitution and Libertarian Parties need to come together. We have to realize that we have more in common than differences that separate us and understand that by combining the power of both we can save the country and restore the government to it's proper role in society.
Neither party by itself has the man-power, the money or the talent pool to gain the national spotlight and challenge the Republicans and Democrats. Only by combining our efforts can we show the public we are a viable alternative to them. Only by combining can we have the power to force them to stop trying to deny our right to be heard.
Therefore, for the good of the nation, for the preservation of our sovereignty and the restoration of our way of life, we sincerely ask you to forge a new party that will draw all Paleo-conservatives and Libertarians into the fold. Dr. Ron Paul ignited a movement, the GOP squandered that energy and this is your golden opportunity to take up the mantle and harness the new generation of activists hungry for liberty.

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