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Stop Abortion: Value Life

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              Nowadays, the rate of teenage pregnancies is increasing. In connection with this, many cases of abortion are done and  are constantly growing. Thus, many precious lives are also lost. Everyone must remember that abortion does not make a person unpregnant rather it makes a woman  a mother of a dead baby (Anonymous, 2012).

             Unwanted pregnancies has no exception. Whether an individual is rich or poor , that person is susceptible to this problem. Whether an individual is young or old, that person is vulnerable to this problem. That's why some people resort to abortion. Abortion is a procedure that is used to end not just pregnancy but also it is used to end an innocent baby's life as well as the future that awaits for the baby. 

         "A person is a person, no matter how small " (Dr. Seuss)

          We believe in this saying. We, the Liberandum team, agree that  abortion must be stop for it can affect the people involve in different aspects of life including in the emotional and spiritual aspect. Just like how precious a second in a minute is and how valuable a coin in a thousand is, life is something that we should give importance to. We must treasure it. We must value it. 

          Right at this moment, countless number of infants are being killed. Many people will be affected. It is a war and we can win this. We MUST win this. Out team together with you can make a difference. Hand in hand, we can make a CHANGE.


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