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Kill Bill 115

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This Act is NOT just about wages, benefits and sick leave. It is NOT about putting students first. It is about the denial of basic and fundamental rights of all workers in Ontario. It is about destroying the goodwill built by teachers and education workers with their local school boards over several years to make the public education system in Ontario one of the best in the world.

Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak have now taken away the collective bargaining rights of teachers and education workers in Ontario. They want to impose collective agreements on other public sector workers using legislation, rather than negotiation.They have disregarded the rights of workers and passed an undemocratic law. Who will be next?

It takes away the power and responsibility of democratically-elected local school boards to negotiate collective agreements with teachers and education workers. Gives the Minister of Education the power to impose collective agreements upon teachers and education workers without negotiation, without review by the Legislature, and without approval by the school boards or their employees. Any decision by the Minister of Education related to the Act cannot be challenged in any legal venue, including the Ontario Labour Relations Board, a third party arbitrator, or any court of law. This Act is a direct attack on the democratic rights of ALL workers in Ontario. Every worker in Ontario should be very afraid of the arbitrary power that the government is grabbing away from its citizens.

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