We Call on Interim Liberal PEI Leader Robert Mitchell to Resign from the Leadership

We Call on Interim Liberal PEI Leader Robert Mitchell to Resign from the Leadership

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On Sunday May 26, Liberal PEI Interim Leader Robert Mitchell (MLA for District 10) supported an anti choice demonstration in Charlottetown PEI. When approached by media he declined to comment. 


We consider this deplorable behaviour from an elected official, and of the Leader of a political party. 

We demand Interim Liberal PEI Leader Robert Mitchell Resigns Immediately.

Dear Liberal Party Caucus and Executive,

It was only 3 years ago that a newly elected Liberal Premier lifted the unconstitutional 30 year ban on abortion. You can imagine the shock to learn of the Liberal Party's Leader Robert Mitchell's behaviour this weekend. As the Liberal party of PEI, we hope you are prepared to take immediate action to have Robert Mitchell held to account with a public response and a request for resignation from the interim leadership of the party.

Of course by now you must be aware that your interim leader of the party attended and supported an anti-choice rally on May 26th! At this point in our Canadian history, everyone is aware of the 1988 Supreme Court ruling which not only decriminalized abortion but also established abortion firmly in the jurisdiction of health and a constitutional aspect to security of the person for a woman's bodily autonomy. For a Liberal elected official, let alone Interim Leader to stand against women's constitutional rights is unacceptable. We look forward to a policy statement from the Liberal Party immediately affirming the Party's perspective is aligned with prochoice values and supports women's rights to security of the person under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Anything less is unacceptable.

Thank you for your immediate action.