Remove Liberal Party candidate Jaime Battiste for glorifying Communism

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Jaime Battiste, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of Sydney-Victoria, has on multiple occasions, made remarks that are deemed hateful, racist, insensitive and misogynistic.

In one of these hateful communications, Mr. Baptiste promoted a photograph of himself on the social media site Instagram, wearing a t-shirt featuring the well-known Communist symbol, the hammer and sickle. In the same post, he referenced his hockey team titled “Red Army.”

The Croatian diaspora community in Canada, along with many other communities, find this candidate’s behaviour reprehensible, insensitive, and hateful.

In the 20th century, Communism was responsible for the death of over 100 million people. Over 8 million Canadians trace their roots to homelands which suffered under Communism.

Upwards of one million Croats died as a result of living under Communism in Yugoslavia. Many Jews, Bosniaks, Albanians, Slovenians, Hungarians, Macedonians, Serbians, and others also died under Yugoslavia’s Communist regime. Canada is home to more than 200,000 Croatians, most of whom have immediate relatives who died under Communism.

For this candidate to appear to glorify Communism, and make light of the plight of millions of immigrants to Canada, is at best hateful and hurtful.

We ask that the LPC take immediate action to condemn this candidate’s behaviour, that Mr. Battiste immediately apologize, and be withdrawn as a candidate.