Lift all Coronavirus mandates, and return our freedom!

Lift all Coronavirus mandates, and return our freedom!

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
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Started by jamee Killoran

With the growing unrest all across our nation, it is time to give us our freedoms back. The “science” no longer supports these draconian mandates being forced upon the Canadian people. Suicides & drug overdoses are through the roof. Countless small businesses across our country have been forced to shut their doors, and more Canadians than ever are living on then brink of financial despair.

It is time for our government to drop these mandates, give us our freedom, and give Canada back to the people. This petition is not “anti-vaccine” or “Anti-government”. It is pro-freedom. 
After 2 years living under strict rule, with no end in site - it’s time for our great nation, and all of our wonderful people to move forward!


We ask that the Liberal Party of Canada drops all mandates. Allow small business to open their doors, allow us to travel, stop daily reporting & stop the fear. We have all come to realize just how bought and paid for our media is - and this petition is our way of putting into black and white - the amount of support this movement has.

We are not alone in this battle, these protests and movements have been taking place all across the globe, the world has had enough. The world is tired. We need to lead the way, and put a peaceful end to this once and for all.

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!