All opposition parties to form a Progressive Coalition

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The result of the General Election 2019 shows that politics is broken.

In every election since 1945 more votes have been cast for progressive parties than for the Conservatives. Yet for 43 of those years the UK has had a Conservative government. 

We need change. Most of all we need parties to join together to defeat the Conservatives, to fight for electoral reform and to ensure our United Kingdom continues united - an outward-looking, internationalist and compassionate union of countries.

Rather than relying on tactical voting we need all the opposition parties to temporarily join together in a PROGRESSIVE COALITION. While we recognise that Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens have different histories, identities and purposes, a short term coalition is the only way to secure electoral reform and thus allow these unique voices to be properly represented in parliament. 

The two primary aims of such a coalition would be to

(1) provide a united opposition to the current Conservative government, with a strong progressive voice on issues such as the environment, welfare, the NHS and social care

(2) secure a victory in the next election on a manifesto that includes electoral reform.

Please sign this petition to show our elected parties that there is broad support for this necessary and short-term PROGRESSIVE COALITION.