Give Commissioner for Children the power to look at Child Protection cases.

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The Commissioner for Children and the Commissioner for Indigenous Children does not have the right to have access to the Child Protection files of vulnerable and or abused children without hindrance. Sadly Child Protection is often the perpetrator of the abuse of children so it is not in their best interest to have the Government appointed Commissioners for children to have easy access to files that could implicate their office in the systemic abuse of children. Child protection hides behind a veil of secrecy and it is normal practice when anybody questions their actions to cite 'Privacy and confidentiality' as a way to stop access to damning evidence. This has to stop. For the Commissioners of Children to not have full access to needed files restricts their capabilities as a functional body, therefore putting at risk children in danger. Remember that this is about protecting children and please sign this petition so we can create change and stop this madness.

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