Stop infant ear piercing

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Most of the times these piercings are done with a gun which hosts a load of problems to begin With, they can not be fully sterilized, the people performing the piercing are not fully trained and the gun can also cause issues to the area by blunt force trauma and can sometimes jam whilst performing the piercing.


The child can not consent to getting the piercing done, something which (in the UK atleast) is minimum age of 16 before you can get a piercing done yourself, studios will perform some piercings on younger providing they have parental consent and the person is present.

The process leaves the child in a great deal of pain, healing is often effected as the child will grab at their ears and catch them often without even intending on touching their ears.

Would you allow your child to get their tongue pierced? How about their nose? Why stop at the ears? Because piercing a child that can not agree to wanting that piercing is wrong so why are ears any different?

There should be a minimum age before a child is allowed any piercings and parental consent would need to be approved and the use of a piercing gun should be banned.

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