Petition the Government to fairly share out £100m Zoo Animal Welfare Fund to ALL UK zoos

Petition the Government to fairly share out £100m Zoo Animal Welfare Fund to ALL UK zoos

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Lisa Farrer started this petition to Liam McArthur and

At the beginning of lockdown 2020, hundreds of UK zoos, wildlife centres and forever homes were forced to close their doors to visitors.Like so many businesses they did not know when or if they would be able to re-open.

The UK government announced the Zoo Animal Welfare Fund at the end of June which opened to applications in August. This was eventually taken up also by the Scottish Government which opened theirs in September. This £100 million fund was supposed to help these establishments right across the UK to keep their animals safe and alleviate the financial hardship as a result of Covid-19.

However, since this fund opened in both sectors of government there has only been one single establishment to walk away with this fund yet there are over 300 businesses. Applications close on the 11th of December this year. So we ask the Scottish and UK branches of government where is your £100 million pounds of support going?

At Fernvalley, we are a small family run business that rescues exotic animals that have been abused, abandoned and mistreated and gives them a forever home. We take great pride in providing a safe, loving and warm home for animals that have often had horrible starts in life. We also take in surplus zoo animals that have been bullied out of their original groups and need to be moved. Funds raised by visitors go back into the centre so that we can care for our animals and provide homes for further animals in need. We are zoo licensed and fit into all the criteria to be accepted for this "grant" yet we were refused like hundreds of others and now our business and thus our animals are in jeopardy. The reasons for rejection we will attempt to explain:

We took a BBL (Bounce back loan) at the beginning of lockdown after receiving advice to do so in order to save our animals if the business went under, with no other funding availible at the time we took this. A loan was not viable for us being as small as we are, and we were advised not to touch it unless things were heading towards bankruptcy, so this money went into an account for a worse case scenario that we hoped would never come to pass. If we used it, we would be back at square one, with our animals in jeopardy due to no way to repay this with no stable income with restrictions and high outgoings.

The application for the Zoo Animal Welfare fund stated to be eligible we would have to give evidence to prove we had explored every single other availible option before applying, including BBL, which we did.

We were rejected.

We were told because we took the BBL, even though we provided the evidence they asked for to prove it was not a viable option, we were not eligible.

We then asked the government so if we hadn't have taken this unusable loan we would have been eligible?

The answer was NO, you would still not have been eligible as then you would not have explored all possible avenues (the BBL)

We then asked the government the grant is unattainable then? No comment was offered to this question.

In a moment of need and after the promise of help, the government stepped away and made an unattainable "grant" to attempt to appease the public and the animal sector while really doing nothing more than offering false hope to millions of animal keepers that fear for the animals they care and love. It's time we stood up and fought for those that do not have voices of their own.

Sign this petition to force the government to share out that £100 million to EVERY SINGLE ESTABLISHMENT in the UK and save the millions of animals facing an uncertain future because of the governments scam of a "grant"

Thank you for all ouf your support, lets get this taken to Holyrood and Westminster!

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!