Petition to Change Anniversary Date to 27-September

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Celebrating anniversaries is always a big deal especially if you love ya girl.

You'll wanna make it special so she's sure she knows you love HER (not that girl from school, or that girl from work, or your ex, or that lady offering you insurance, or the grandma you offered your seat to, or that employee texting about medical leave after midnight, or anybody else she's paranoid about)

You have to find a gift, send flowers, set a date, take a bath, the works. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, time, effort, soap, and money. lots of it.

It will also take some effort and time to throw smokescreens at ya girl to make sure she doesn't know what you're up to. you have to distract her with food, showbiz chismis, and musicals. /wrists

It's all happy and dandy rainbows and confetti, but the fun and games end when your girl celebrates her birthday just A WEEK BEFORE. so it's twice the planning, twice the preparation, twice the time, twice the effort, twice the ninja moves, twice the chismis about Kris Aquino, twice the lots of money, and twice the bath.

By the end of April I'll have to hold a wake and burial in loving memory of my wallet. (R.I.P.) I'll have been half as productive as I usually am at work cuz I'd be pre-occupied with all the planning and stealthing. I'd have taken 2 baths in the same month. I'd be losing my mind watching musicals and listening to showbiz chismis I care nothing about. 

Plzzz help a bruh out. 

Do it for the children. Not my children, but any children. Look into their cute cuddly faces and pretend it's me asking for your petition.

If this doesn't move your stone cold heart, please check out my other movement (Plan B):
"Petition to change birthday of a pre-mature baby in denial"

Thank you!

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