Let's Make Huntington Heckscher Park a Dog-Friendly Park - Allow Leashed Friendly Dogs!

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Let's Make Huntington Heckscher Park a Dog-Friendly Park! Surprisingly, unlike nearby dog-friendly Northport Harbor, Huntington Heckscher Park does not benefit from a dog-friendly environment. Huntington Heckscher does NOT allow leashed dogs. Recently, unaware Huntingtonians with leashed dogs have been harassed by Heckscher's patrolling staff warning and asking them to leave if they bring leashed dogs. Huntington is a town proud of its tradition of inclusivity and Heckscher Park should reflect that belief.

Non-profit LI-Dogs said, “The leashed dogs policy works well in Northport, not to mention thousands of other busy community parks around the country, and there’s no reason to think Heckscher Park should be different.” https://lidog.org/

Because dogs aren’t allowed at Heckscher, the park wastes tax payer money, since it is virtually empty when there aren’t events. Walking dogs keep Huntington's tax paying citizens and their dogs healthy and also discourages geese from coming up on the pathways, which could keep the pathways free of goose droppings, a health hazard for the children and adults who visit Heckscher. Because of the messy goose excrement, an attendant at Heckscher is unnecessarily tasked each day with washing down the pathways, another waste of money. These geese have had preference over Huntington's local dog community for long enough.

Northport Harbor Park has allowed leashed dogs for years and is very busy with happy dog owners walking their dogs and enjoying the events at the park. The addition of leashed dogs provides a family friendly environment, increases tourism, good will, charm, and publicity. See NY Times article on Northport Harbor: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/02/realestate/living-in-northport-ny.html  “the bustle of joggers and dogwalkers on the 1.2-mile walk from their house to the harbor…‘It was just what we were looking for.’”