Signatures are needed to address the affects of violence on young in America! PLEASE SIGN

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Millions of young people in America are living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, (P.T.S.D.).  They did not go to another country to get these symptoms they received them right here in American cities, communities.

What needs to happen is, young people living with PTSD need counseling, housing many are homeless cannot go to school, or cope with everyday life. Millions  have lost their minds and are unable to cope with daily simple life.  Training and compensation is needed, so they can grow and learn, after all their lives have been disrupted beyond belief.  Other young people find it hard to concentrate in school and all have fears of being shot or murdered in their own community or home.  

As you can see, and it is all around you to see, violence has been out of control since the late 80's and this is 2017, it is even worst than before.  Please help me STOP THE VIOLENCE and save our young people minds and hearts for what this world was meant to be for love, understanding, peace and joy not this!

Signing this petition will help also help in a long battle that I have within myself, living with P.T.S.D. without any assistance. I had two son's murdered to violence, like so many others women and families, murdering our children stirs up feeling inside of us so deep, that we cannot stand by and just do nothing. 

My children, my grandchildren, we have all lived through the war that was raging and still continues to rage with even more dire consequence than ever before in our world, in our America, the land of the free, the home of the brave.  

Here In America, this happens everyday, that ugly word we all know so well now, VIOLENCE.  Let us stop this madness now by banding together and signing this petition.  Violence, it does affect all of us in the long run, as long as we live here on earth. Please help me stop it NOW! Once I have enough I will approach Congress!