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Water Shortage in Dauin Negros Oriental!

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   We all know how important water in our daily lives, but, how can we say that in fact we're experiencing great scarcity of water in our place here in Dauin. Now, as one of the resident here in Dauin, we would like to share our thoughts about the water shortage we've been experiencing nowadays. Due to the low pressure that strike our hometown, last June 2017, the LGU said it takes 1 month for having no water, but until now, still there's no improvement, we still don't have water. Another thing also, as we all know road is one of the great improvement in our community but what's more important than having an enough supply of water in our own homes, but due to the on going road construction the water supplier were cut off without replacement. Typically, the authority and government has a big role in the community especially in handling the needs of every individual in the society, so they reassure their people that they will use the fire truck as the supplier of the water here in Dauin, particularly in Bulak, but fire truck wasn't that enough to supply each individual's needs. We as concerned citizen, will ask the local government in Dauin that how come some of our neighbors have a water supply, then and as we've observed mostly of those who have water were those only who work for the government, specifically the LGU members. This is so absurd, local authorities must do there job to fulfill the needs of the community, but now, what they did is to satisfy their own without even thinking how others will react to their immaturity. Well, as a student also here in Dauin Science High School, located here in Bulak, we we're also affected by the water shortage, in this case we don't have any water to clean our CR's, and for our sanitary use.
   We did this petition, not to destroy others name's but, to share what we observed about their self- concerned attitude towards  their constituents. So, we do hope this will be your reason to help us and make solution for the betterment of our society.

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