Petition to the LGFA for the reinstation of the 2020 Minor All Ireland Series.

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Waterford Minor Team 2020
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233 days ago on a blustery Saturday morning we began our journey as a team. Since then we’ve ran up sand dunes, played countless challenge matches and trained together tirelessly. From that first training session in early November we’ve carried the same aim, to reach an All-Ireland Final.

2020 has undoubtedly hurled many unprecedented setbacks at us, but our determination to reach that coveted final has not yet faltered. Management adapted their strategy and tailored personalised training plans for each player. Quarantine even led to virtual quizzes, celebrity Q&A sessions and team challenges.

Unfortunately, just as we began to see a light at the end of the tunnel and club training resumed, our minor team received our biggest blow to date. Recently, we learned that there will be no LGFA 2020 Minor All Ireland Series. Of course, we as a team are undoubtedly heartbroken.

We are beyond disgusted at the hypocrisy of the LGFA to promote the slogan “if she can’t see it, she can’t be it” while simultaneously cancelling underage intercounty games. Of course, we understand that these are new and challenging times for the governing body of the LGFA and everyone involved. However, we as a team refuse to accept this decision. If our male counterparts in the GAA are allowed to continue with their All Ireland campaign, why should we accept the fact that we will not be given the same opportunity to contest an All-Ireland championship this year?

We are disappointed that we have been forced to involve the public, but we will not ignore this blatant act of disregard, discrimination and sexism. We have made too many sacrifices both on and off the pitch, to simply sit back and watch as our dream is being slowly stripped away. Club and county have coexisted concurrently together in the past and we do not understand why our intercounty games cannot be scheduled into the LGFA calendar. This is why your support is so vital to our cause. With your help we are hopeful that the LGFA will reconsider their rash decision to cancel our games. We would like to thank you for cooperation and we would also greatly appreciate any further publicity that this petition receives.

Le gach dea-ghuí, Waterford Ladies Football Minor Team 2020