Petition Signatures to take BelofteBos to the HRC for Human Rights Violations

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BelofteBos has been allowed to discrimibate against the LGBTQIA+ community for too many years. When I first approached them with shared community outrage in 2017 I had hoped things would change. It is clear that since that outrage 3 years ago, they have not changed their toxic and dated, violent, homophobic views as they have declined to host another same sex marriage, on the premise that it is a same sex wedding. 


We are hoping to achieve enough signatures you take them to the HRC for Human Rights Violations. We can take them on one complaint alone, but we hope to have the backing of the LGBTQIA community and all allies to make a clear and very loud statement that othering, homophobia, transphobia and all their associated practises will not be tolerated from 2020 onward.  

For too lobg, rampant homophobia has been allowed to continue. For too long, our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters have been allowed to be othered, degraded, shamed and shunned with little to no clear voice that we will stop at nothing to fight for their inclusion. 

This ends today. It is constitutionally mandated that we are ALL entitled to the same rights. It is against our laws to turn people away based on their sexual orientation. This blatant discrimination cannot be allowed to continue. And it starts with us. Here today. 

If you are an ally, please show your support by signing this petition.