Stand up to STOP LGBTQ Hate Crime in Ireland

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My two friends have been homopobic beaten and stabbed in Kildare in the last few days. Gerard and Anthony made a statement regarding to what happened and asked me to create a petition to Stop LGBTQ Hate Crime in Ireland 

Here is Gerard & Anthony statement 

Out Friday Evening enjoying ourselves, having a laugh in great form. Never would I of imagined we’d be attacked for being ourselves. I was stabbed 5 times in 5 different places for being gay. Thanks to the girl who helped keep me conscious, the guard who was on the scene and Gerrard. I can’t thank ye enough ❤️ I haven’t really talked much on any radio or social media because I’m still trying to get over the shock of it all myself. It’s scary to think an attack like this has happened for no other reason than our sexuality. Its pure hate. No one deserves to be treated like that. I could have lost my life, I was lucky. It gave my family and friends a huge shock not knowing how bad my injuries were, if I was going to make it or if that was how my life was going to end. That on its own is a very scary thought, let alone the reasons I was stabbed.
I never experienced hate like that before and it’s after putting a fear in me. A fear I never had before. What if it happens again, not just to me but anyone else. It’s a scary world. Hate crime is so serious, it happens every day. it took me to be stabbed an left for dead for it all to come to light. My wounds are bandaged now, but when the bandages are removed I’m still left with the physical and mental scars caused for no other reason than me being myself. It’s emotional, but so good to see the goodness in people from all around the world � and the support from everyone ❤️ something has to be done about hate crime before someone ends up being killed.


Please lets stand together and sign this petition as something has to be done. 


Thank you

Peter James Nugent

Mr.Gay Louth

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