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Call on LGBT Conservative MPS to oppose CON/DUP coalition and oppose Queen's Speech.

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Only 3 Conservative MP's need to vote against the #MAYDUP coalition. We're crowdfunding a campaign to target 17 LGBT conservative MP's and call on them to not support a formal coalition or a ‘confidence & supply’ arrangement with the DUP.

There cannot be any justification for forming a coalition with an extremist political party who achieved less than than 300,000 votes – a coalition that would go against the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, and would spark more even more political tension in the region.

LGBT people should not be represented by MP's who give platitudes to protect LGBT rights 'in the rest of the UK' but allow the DUP to gain undue power over the UK government and in Northern Ireland. We are calling on every LGBT conservative MP to oppose the Queen's Speech and Budget.

Theresa May and her party are deluded to think that this rag-tag coalition can provide ‘continuity’ to the citizens of the UK. To sacrifice the Good Friday Agreement for a slim majority of 3 seats in Parliament will only result in chaos and upheaval.

Why are the DUP a threat?

‘The DUP are a homophobic, anti-abortion, climate-change denying Christian fundamentalist party founded by terrorists who now hold 10 seats in Westminster.

Due to the conservatives only receiving 318 seats at the general election the DUP now hold the keys to number 10. Theresa May can only become Prime Minister and form government if she can pass a Queen’s Speech and Budget through parliament. As you need a majority of 326 votes to pass the Queen’s Speech the only way the conservatives can get into power is by relying on the 10 DUP votes.

It is clear that the Conservatives have not come to an agreement with the DUP and nobody truly knows what their demands will be. We have already heard from a senior conservative MP suggesting that abortion time limits could be reduced to appease the DUP.

This means that they clearly have too much power over the Conservatives and can ‘blackmail’ the government to pass regressive laws in order for them to support key bills in the house.’

Learn more about their regressive policies:

What can you do to stop the Queen's Speech and the DUP?

Support our campaign on Crowdfunder:

Follow our twitter account and use our hashtag #LGBTnotDUP

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Contact the following LGBT conservative MP's and call on them not to support this coalition:

Anne Marie Morris - Newton Abbot @AnneMarieMorris

Damien Moore - Southport @Moore4Southport

Lee Rowley - North East Derbyshire @Lee4Ned

Ross Thompson - Aberdeen South @RossThomsonMSP

Stuart Andrew - Pudsey, Horsfoth & Aireborough @StuartAndrew

Crispin Blunt - Reigate @CrispinBlunt

Nick Boles - Grantham, Stamford, Bourne @NickBoles

Conor Burns - Bornemouth West, Alderney & Branksome East @ConorBurnsUK

Alan Duncan - Rutland and Melton @AlanDuncanMP

Nigel Evans - Ribble Valley @NigelMP

Nick Gibb - Bognor Regis & Littlehampton @NickGibbUK

Justine Greening - Putney, Roehampton and Southfields @JustineGreening

Nick Herbert - Arundel & South Downs @nickherbertmp

Margot James - Stourbridge @margot4stour

David Mundell - Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedale @DavidMundellDCT

Iain Stewart - Keynes South @iainstewart

William Wragg - Hazel Grove @William_Wragg

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