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Meet LGBT Rights Activists on the debate platform Riyarchy

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The LGBT rights debate has gone on for far too long. With the pool of arguments unchanged for years, the fact that the issue has not been settled is a sign of dishonesty with what we know. Looking back at the previous formats this debate has taken, we see that neither party have walked away satisfied.

As both parties are equally confident in their respective positions, let us discover who is on the side of truth, using the argumentation platform Riyarchy ( Riyarchy is a collaborative argument map platform that aggregates arguments from both sides of a debate. By finding out which arguments have been effectively refuted, and which have not, Riyarchy shows which side is on the side of right. (For more information, see As its guiding principles are simply based on rules of formal debate, both parties should agree about the neutrality of the platform.

Help us bring more light to this campaign of bringing all the arguments onto a centralized home on the internet. By having the opposition and supporters of LGBT rights' debate in one place scalable to millions of arguments, as opposed to having arguments scattered throughout different media, we can deduce and declare the entailed truth. If the universe of arguments were organized into a centralized place, and point to a particular definitive conclusion, what argument has anyone to oppose it?

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