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LGBT Marriage Rights in Vietnam

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Love is something that everyone deserves and is entitled to despite their gender, race or religion. It’s not fair that some people’s rights are taken away based on who they love or want to be with. While LGBT people are generally accepted in Vietnam and by the government, LGBT couples have fewer rights than straight couples. Though they can have weddings, their marriages wouldn’t be recognized by the government and would, therefore, only be a union or a civil partnership. As a result, certain adoption and protection rights are taken away. LGBT couples can’t adopt a child together and they can’t legally adopt their partner’s child as their own. Furthermore, LGBT couples aren’t protected under the law in the cases of disputes. As a young Vietnamese citizen, I believe that this problem would greatly affect those around me, especially my generation as the LGBT community is becoming more accepted around the world. I believe that the Vietnamese people are ready for change, as a survey shows that more than 70% of the population support this community. However, the reason why the government hasn’t created new laws on this topic is that they believe that the change needs to occur slowly in order to give Vietnamese people time to adjust. Through this petition and poster, I want to not only raise awareness but to also gain the support of others to show the Ministry of Justice how much people care about equality and how as a country, Vietnam is, in fact, ready for a change. This would then hopefully bring new light to this idea and perhaps, laws would be changed, allowing for more equality and justice.

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