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These words are commonly being interchanged or misused since they are synonymous. However, “acceptance” and “tolerance” have completely different meanings. According to Merriam-Webster, acceptance is defined as a “favorable reception” or an approval, whereas tolerance is defined as “the act of allowing something, especially what is not actually approved.” To simply put into words, tolerating means putting up with something that you choose to just let it happen and not doing anything about it.

We, as a member of the community, would like to put an end on gender discrimination and encourage people to fully support and accept the LGBT Community instead of just tolerating it.

LGBT Community are the individuals that seeks respect and freedom in the society but are subdued by discriminations. In recent time, the discriminations against LGBT Community have been a serious issue in the Philippines. The treatment they get from the society influences their general well-being, self-esteem, self-worth, and social relationships.

Every person is entirely entitled to their opinions, but it is just as important to remain true to your stand on the problem and the consequences that come with it. In which each one of us have the power to make a choice for ourselves. To conclude, we would truly appreciate your support as we all help one another, hand in hand to make a stand for the LGBT Community.