#Expel Open Letter to LGB Alliance Regarding Pedophile Apologist “”

#Expel Open Letter to LGB Alliance Regarding Pedophile Apologist “”

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Started by Jayne Dough

To LGB Alliance and all those who value the safeguarding of children, 

We, a collection of concerned individuals supportive of the LGB Alliance cause, demand the expulsion of “” (Twitter handle @), on the basis of pedophilia apologism. “” is in a leadership position at LGB Alliance Canada.  

The most glaring example of pedophilia apologism is his reference to “Hadrian & Antinous” as one of his “likes” in his public Twitter bio. According to the World History Encyclopedia, “Antinous (l. c. 110-130 CE) was a youth of Bithynia who became the beloved of the Roman emperor Hadrian (l. 76-138 CE, r. 117-138 CE) from around the age of 13 until his death at nearly 20.”

By now multiple women have pointed out ancient Roman reference, which can be considered a pedophilic dog whistle. We have already heard in response to our concerns that “deserves a chance to defend.” did just that only a few days ago, in his own words, pasted below:

“Hadrian and Antinous are among the most famous figures in ancient history — everyone knows of Hadrian from his wall, and Antinous is widely considered the most important sculptural figure of the Roman era, with sculptures of prominently on display everywhere from the British Museum to the Vatican. For two centuries, Antinous was worshippedas a god in the Roman world, and was a far more popular deity than even Jesus was at the time. An openly gay god who was bigger than Jesus is, to me, one of the most fascinating things that has ever happened. Hadrian and Antinous’s openly gay relationship is one of the most famous homosexual couples in all of history, figuring in the arts of all kinds, including a recent opera composed by Rufus Wainwright for the Canadian Opera Company (opera is one of my primary interests).

This is hardly paedophile company; this is hardly paedophile material. I have a stellar track record criticizing NAMBLA and PIE…”

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!