LG: show men in kitchen appliances ads. #MeinKhanaBanataHu

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Men use refrigerators. Men use that fancy pressure cooker and washing machine. Men use the kitchen and all its appliances!

I love LG products specially the kitchen appliances, but I don’t know why I don’t find men using them in the tv ads.

Does this mean that men don’t cook? My husband is an equal partner in my life and he also cooks.

Men are chefs, those living away from home also cook for themselves, many men prefer to eat food cooked by themselves. 

LG seems like an open minded brand ! It is high time that they include men too in their commercials. 

Please sign this petition to ask LG to  set a good example of breaking stereotypes that exist about gender roles. 

Their competing brands like Prestige have already done this and LG should do it too!

Creating responsible commercials can go a long way in inspiring social change.

Please sign the petition to request the MD, LG Electronics India to make some really positive advertisements with good quotes which will inspire men to come forward and make everyday chores non-gendered.



Image Courtesy: Dreamstime.com