LG OLED 2017 series tone mapping fix for HDR above 1.000nits

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Dear All,

I'm writing to everyone have in their home an OLED television from LG, series 2017.

During the last 12 months from the launch of the television LG has dimmed the peak brightness of the panel when it is displaying a file above the 1.000nits of luminance.

It is not only dimming who is playing with a 4K HDR console like the playstation 4 Pro or the XBOX ONE X, but when you'll try to play films mastered with more then 1.000nits of luminance the tone mapping will be wrong, with the film reproduced in a darker way than it should be, that completely ruin the vision.

Because this was implemented after the launch of the model, surely LG could make a fix, or better an option in it's software that could left to the customer the decision of how much brightness should be output from their TV.

There are million customers that have this TV, we must vote in order to improve our product and let our message comes to the LG's engineers.

Thank you for your support!








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