LG: Allow OLED TV owners to turn off dimming

This TV has a superior picture and I would like to enjoy this expensive TV that I bought. HOWEVER, when I'm using it as a PC monitor (more than 50% of the time) I experience an unacceptable level of autodimming, when viewing pages with a white background (which is most web pages). Using Word or reading emails is like being in a room where someone else is controlling a dimmer switch and giving you less and less light. It will dim to the point where you have to click on something else or change the page to "wake up" the TV again. I want to view bright, static images without having to constantly remind the TV that I want this level of light. If you can't provide the level of brightness without screen burn-in, you have a seriously flawed product. The TV looks great when it's not trying to protect itself or conserve energy.

andrew golding, marysville, CA, United States
1 year ago
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