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Allow OTA-updates for AT&T-branded LG G5 on any carrier

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Hello, I am an LG G5 user. My phone was bought from AT&T and I paid a full price for the smartphone to unlock and use it overseas. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for now, because AT&T doesn't allow to update LG G5 without being their customer.

Who we are?

LG G5 (H820) users without AT&T SIM-card, who are made to use old firmware due to carrier restrictions. Many of us are out of the US and can't update because of that.

What do we want?

We want to receive updates in a timely manner without having to use AT&T services. We have paid for our phones, so AT&T and LG neglect our rights by restricting OTA-updates for non-AT&T customers. 

What and why should be done?

LG and AT&T should allow LG G5 (H820) updates for any carrier or release a KDZ file for manual updating via LG support software for PC. It is important for us all to run latest updates to ensure high device security and receive new features. Moreover, some LG G5 features like LG Cam Plus module don't work with old firmware. 

What should be done by you?

Everybody who is reading this petition can sign it to help us. Each vote will make us closer to our goal.

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