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Petitioning High School Leyden High School District 212

Leyden High School: Stop charging so much for specific damage not mentioned in contract.


Many students are unable to pay for the outrageous charges and the charges should, atleast, be lowered.

Letter to
High School Leyden High School District 212
Please stop charging so much for little damage done to chromebooks that were not mentioned in contract. In the contract, it only stated that the student would pay only for the damaged parts of said chromebook, however, it did not state the specific parts that would be charged for and also the amount of the fee for each specific part. If the students would have known in advance of the true consequences of their carelessness they would have been more careful and delicate with their devices. In addition, many students are unable to pay the fees. Our economy is not the best at the moment and this translates to the everyday life of the students. We should instill some kind of system to either void some of the charges against students or maybe even allow other students or benefactors to donate in order to help those students in need.