Stonewall Jackson Cemetery Name To Remain The Same

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On July 2, 2020 - Lexington City Council unanimously voted to rename Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery. This decision should have been sent to ballot and voted on by the residence of Lexington and Rockbridge County. Due to COVID an in person meeting and open discuss was not permissible, therefore the Lexington City Council held this meeting via ZOOM and on Facebook. Many residents especially the elder do not use these types of technology. Also many residents were uninformed of this item that was up for discussion  - Requests/Consideration of Removing Confederate Era Names and Heritage Items.

Lexington was founded by History. Changing the names of streets, cemeteries, hospitals and schools will not erase the past. We must preserve our history in which this great city was founded on. The impact on our tourism will also be greatly affected as well as the cost by tax payers to pay for all of these name changes.

If you believe in preserving the history of Lexington Virginia then please sign this petition and send a letter or email to our City Council. please submit those comments/statements by email: or to our
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