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Started by margie Baughman

I am abundantly concerned for the safety of the children at Rocky Creek Elementary school.

On Thursday December 2, 2021 a student brought a razor blade knife into the classroom of Rocky Creek Elementary School, which is a Lexington School District ONE school. The child brandished the knife to a couple students asking if they wanted anyone to die. A couple students immediately informed the teacher and the weapon was removed from the possession of the student and the student was removed from the classroom at that time. 

As soon as I get home from work, my student goes into detail about the incident. My child can describe the knife in detail and recalls what the student asked of the fellow classmates. I immediately think the school would inform the parents with an email. After checking my email, to my surprise, there was no email referencing this incident. My childs father goes up the the school the next morning to speak with the principal, who was shocked to hear that the child asked other children if they wanted anyone to die. The principal stated that it was an isolated incident that was handled immediately and there was no ongoing threat. The principal informs my childs father that the child with the weapon has been expelled from school. But of course the principal cannot stay for a sit down meeting with him because he stated he had another meeting to go to, as if this meeting was not important. 

After the weekend and still no correspondence from the school on this matter, I emailed the teacher. Within a few hours the principal calls and says there was "No need to inform the parents." The principal stated the child was removed from the class and he actually went into the classroom that Monday morning to discuss the dangers of weapons and how students are not allowed to bring them to school. He failed to mention on the phone call that he also spoke to the children about the child with the weapon returning to class the following day. My child, once again, told me that the principal instructed the class to welcome the child with kindness and be super nice to him. There was not even an email from the leader of the school to provide peace of mind that they take situations like this seriously and that they are doing everything they can to ensure it will not happen again.... and most of all, making sure our children are safe

For a district to have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, Rocky Creek is failing!

Please join me in this petition to bring awareness to the school that we, as parents, are fed up. We want and NEED to know our students are safe and deserve to know what is happening behind closed doors. This child does not need to remain in the classroom for the rest of this year and needs appropriate punishment for the bad decisions. I fully believe that he will continue to be a threat if this child thinks he will get a 4 day free pass, what happens when the child is in middle school or high school and things turn for the worst? This needs to be addressed now.

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!