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Re-evaluate Dress Code Policies in Lexington School District 1

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In Lexington School District 1, they believe that they are keeping classroom environments professional by implementing a dress code. The 2017-2018 Student Handbook states, "Clothing should not be so immodest or inappropriate to the school setting as to disrupt the educational process." The dress code prevents students from wearing tank tops, shorts/skirts/dresses shorter than mid thigh or fingertip length, and too tight of clothing. Not to mention, students aren't allowed to wear certain types of pants and shirts. These rules are irrationally strict and mainly directed towards females. We cannot ignore the fact that many stores do not sell clothing that abide by these rules. Because of this, females are forced to wear jeans in 90+ degree weather. Not only are females risking their physical health, they are also being taught to conserve themselves which affects their mental health.

In addition, the consequences of violating the dress code takes students away from their learning. Consequences include; talking to a parent, changing of attire, in school suspension and in multiple violations, out of school suspension. This means that students are removed from their class and in some cases, the school just because the school district believes they are a distraction to fellow classmates, more specifically males.

I am not doing this to single out the males of Lexington School District 1, I'm doing this because today I was dress coded. I was participating in an activity with my psychology class when a male teacher approached me to tell me to go to discipline because I had broke dress code by wearing jeans with holes in them. I tried to explain to him that I was doing an activity and I had to inform my teacher so I wouldn't get in more trouble. Then the male teacher proceeded to raise his voice and tell me to go straight to the discipline office. This man put me in an uncomfortable situation that shouldn't have happened in the first place. In no way is a male looking at my thighs and proceeding to yell at me for it appropriate. Male teachers are not supposed to dress code female students, yet I was.

I am writing this petition to get our school district to understand and revise the dress code policy because it is very strict, unrealistic and sexist. Signing this petition means you agree and would like to see these changes too.

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