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Reduce the Excessive Amount of Homework in High Schools

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It is without a doubt homework improves a student’s habits of being organized, prepared, and learning to focus, as studies prove that. However, the opposing outcomes are far more impactful than the positive outcomes, such as depression that takes over the thoughts in the mind. This controversial topic has been noticed by high schools and been either ignored or noticed, but no school has really has stepped up and made a change. This is an unfortunate disease in the brain, also a humongous problem in the US, has affected an estimate of 20 million people in one single year to suffering, and killing nearly 800,000 people. Lexington, known with the highest suicide rate in Massachusetts with 17 percent, which is one in seven people die. One of your seven closest friends could pass away. Think about that for a moment. Adding on, out of the average Massachusetts suicide rate, 0.01 percent, which is 10 per 100,000 people, Lexington has been contributing the most in these numbers. Why? Almost all suicides come from stress and depression, and almost all stress and depression in high school comes from immoderate homework and tests. Stress comes from the brain signaling the body to produce hormones like adrenaline. These ongoing stresses becomes prolonged stress, which causes physical and extreme mental problems, as depression is one of them. Furthermore, a survey has been done on the Lexington High School students, asking the stress they’ve been encountering in their one to four years. An eye popping 83% of the high schoolers have stated they have felt “extreme” stress, primarily due to school related complications.
High school is a big part of a teen’s life, which include things like tests, friends, mood, and obviously homework which is definitely good for their future. But it is the excessive hours of homework and number of tests the school system enforces the students with, that cripples the student’s thoughts and self esteem. One of the top 5 schools in the world, Stanford University, has conducted a research throughout the high schoolers from all over the US. They studied the hours of homework that could have counterproductive effects in the teen body and still growing brain. 2 hours of daily homework is less than the average homework given by high schools, as 3.5 hours is in recent researches. The Stanford students researched that more than 2 hours will do no good for a 15 to 18 year old who’s learning everyday. Problems include trouble in the physical body along with mental complications, like the lack of balance in their daily routines. Their mentality doesn't match their physicality, vice versa, or the worse outcome of feeling tired both in the body and the mind. If the Lexington High School reduced the hours of homework to maximum of 2.5 hours a day, to experience less tiredness and more spirit within students.
Sleep, the only joyful factor a high schooler can go through at night, is taken away by homework, along with a person’s enthusiasm and excitement. Getting almost no rest is one of the biggest problems that controls the brain's functionality the next day, as students walk through the halls with fatigue and the missing desire and inspiration to enhance their abilities in academics along with their passion. The NPR radio station company, published an article involving studies about sleep deprivation within teens and college students. One could list 5 results by the lack of sleep and it wouldn’t be enough to name all the complications teens face. In the temporal lobe in the brain, memory is a big chunk, which won’t function as well as it could with proper rest daily. Without memory, the student may result in gradually worsening their grades because they can’t recall the things they learned the day before and farther back. This causes them to have less confidence in their answers, over thinking details, preoccupation in class, and less knowledge as time passes. Some might say that this is necessary for the preparing for life and that these students need to deal with it. They say kids need to learn through struggle. This can’t happen if the human body does not allow students to focus on their work to almost a full level. There's not enough energy for a kid’s body to possibly work, so as a result, the students do not have a choice but to minimize their abilities.
This is not something we can ignore or not take a big step in changing these problems. Students are losing their lives as their mental may be weaker than others but that cannot be fixed by adding more problems, and will lead on to worse things. Depression is one thing, suicide is another. No one wants friends and family to pass away with an excuse of ‘high school was the problem.’ The academic stress the administration has put on students’ shoulders is without a doubt causing tragic consequences their families have to face. Families will have to live years and years in sorrow and despair. My stand on this homework policy along with many others, should not be ignored because we are people going through the tough times that are present in our lives.

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